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Dr. Karen Lynn

5314 Dashwood Dr Houston TX 77081 United States


Lucy Puryear MD

6651 Main St Houston TX 77030 United States


Dr. Chiyyarath V. Sathees

902 Frostwood Dr #283 Houston TX 77024 United States

Psychiatrists | Psychiatrist

Wholehealth PLLC

6100 Corporate Dr Suite 3A Houston TX 77036 United States

Psychiatrist | Mental Hospital

John M. Bouras MD

12301 S Main St Houston TX 77035 United States


Sandhya Prashad MD

6565 W Loop S Suite #530 Bellaire TX 77401 United States

Psychiatrists | Psychiatrist | Mental health service

Jon Rusciano MD PLLC

5233 Bellaire Blvd #226 Bellaire TX 77401 United States

Psychiatrist | Mental health service

Dana Bradley

8080 N Stadium Dr Ste 180 Houston TX 77054 United States


Complete Psychiatry and Medical Care PLLC

15115 Park Row Suite 350-8 Houston TX 77084 United States

Psychiatrist | Mental health service | Mental Hospital

Susan K. Sparkman M.D.

3400 Bissonnet St Suite #298 Houston TX 77005 United States


Ali Abbas Asghar-Ali M.D.

2002 Holcombe Blvd Houston TX 77030 United States

Psychiatrists | Psychiatrist

Dr. Silvia Hafliger

6400 Fannin St Ste 2550 Houston TX 77030 United States


Texas Law & Psychiatry

5252 Westchester Ave Houston TX 77005 United States


Jylia Lobanova

1415 California St Houston TX 77006 United States


Compass Mental Health & Wellness

3303 Cypress Creek Pkwy #430 Houston TX 77068 United States

Psychiatrist | Weight loss service | Family practice physician | Mental health service | Mental Hospital

James Flack MD

6550 Fannin St Suite 2509 Houston TX 77030 United States

Psychiatrist | Mental Hospital

Dr. Christopher O Merkl

4126 Southwest Fwy #800 Houston TX 77027 United States


Hugh Pharies

255 Northpoint Dr Houston TX 77060 United States


Dr. Corinna Keenmon

6565 Fannin St Houston TX 77030 United States


Dr. Alice Mao

8080 N Stadium Dr Houston TX 77054 United States


Fallon Fagan

13310 Beamer Rd Houston TX 77089 United States

Psychiatrist | Psychologist

UTHealth Center of Excellence on Mood Disorders

1941 East Rd #6010 Houston TX 77054 United States


Dr. Peter C. Ly MD

2565 Bay Area Blvd Houston TX 77058 United States

Psychiatrists | Psychiatrist

Dr. Ashutosh Atri

12667 Bissonnet St Houston TX 77099 United States


Dr. Huiping Xu

7001 Corporate Dr Ste 215 Houston TX 77036 United States


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Top psychiatrist in Houston

When it comes to mental health, unlike bodily disorders, there is no standard treatment that fits all. You and your psychiatrist need to work together to come to a consensus on a set of protocols that may work better for you. Also, for severe psychiatric conditions, there may not necessarily be a cure but the symptoms and conditions can be kept under control by various measures. Gatello has an extensive list of psychiatrists in Houston. With the details in the list, you will understand that these are psychiatrists with years of expertise in handling all kinds of patients and they will be genuinely concerned and work progressively with you towards your wellness. 

Following are some common treatments administered for mental health disorders:

  • Medications:

These are the most common and easiest preferred methods to fix the symptoms of a mental illness resorted to by the best psychiatrists in Houston. The four common types of mental illness medications include mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety medications, antipsychotic medications, and antidepressants. The type of medications administered depends on the person’s symptoms and health condition. Again, there is no one size fits all medication for any disorder. Different combinations work for different individuals and this is figured out over time by administering different kinds of drugs in different dosages. 

  • Psychotherapy:

This is a non-medicated intervention and therapeutical approach to treating mental health issues. It involves working with the feelings, behavior, and thoughts of the patient and attempting to neutralize them. Medication accompanied by psychotherapy is proven to be one of the most effective ways to help subside the dominant symptoms of a patient. 

  • Hospitalization:

In a few prolonged severe cases and in some cases where symptoms are dominant for a specific period, this may be required. It can help the patient closely be monitored and medications and treatment be adjusted accordingly.

  • Support group:

Group therapies are proven to be helpful in a lot of cases. As mental health illness is still treated as a stigma in society, collaborative effort and understanding with peers help in better belongingness, relaxation, and faster recovery.

  • Lifestyle treatment:

Lifestyle treatments can’t be a standalone remedy but can act as a supplement in addition to medications and other therapies. Eating a rich diet and moving actively every day, avoiding intoxicated drugs and alcohol can boost brain health. 

  • Alternative Medicine:

Adding alternative treatment medicines and approaches are proven to enhance recovery in many cases. Again, this can’t be a standalone treatment when it comes to mental disorders is what allopathy claims. Alternative treatments also help in subsiding the side effects caused by allopathic medicines as an added advantage.

Mental health is a sensitive area to be addressed with due care. The caretaker also plays a vital role here. With Gatello having listed the most eminent service providers in the city to make your life and lifestyle at your fingertips, finding the best psychiatrists in Houston becomes easier than expected. Choose the one that works best for you with just a click!