Dietitians in Edmonton, AB

Acupuncture Alternative & Asian Medicine

9327 173 St NW Edmonton AB T5T 3C4 Canada

Acupuncture clinic | Nutritionist

The Garden Acupuncture and Holistic Centre

10977 127 St NW Edmonton AB T5M 0T1 Canada

Acupuncture clinic | Massage therapist | Nutritionist

Oliver Chiropractic Wellness Clinic

10324 112 St NW Edmonton AB T5K 1N1 Canada

Nutritionist | Acupuncture clinic | Massage therapist | Chiropractor

Conscious Karma

9918 82 Ave NW #202 Edmonton AB T6E 1Y9 Canada

Acupuncture clinic | Nutritionist

New Balance Chiropractic Clinic

10540 102 Ave Edmonton AB T5J 3P3 Canada

Massage therapist | Nutritionist | Acupuncture clinic | Acupuncturist | Chiropractor

Optimize Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

17317 105 Ave NW Edmonton AB T5S 1H2 Canada

Nutritionist | Acupuncture clinic | Massage therapist | Sports massage therapist | Physiotherapist

Pine Integrated Health Centre

6720 104 St NW Suite 201 Edmonton AB T6H 2L4 Canada

Psychologist | Marriage Consultant | Massage therapist | Nutritionist | Acupuncturist | Physiotherapist

Park Integrative Health

3890 Sherwood Dr #970 Sherwood Park AB T8H 0Z9 Canada

Nutritionist | Psychologist | Acupuncture clinic | Massage therapist | Mental health service

DaVinci Wellness Centre | Physiotherapy

16028 100a Ave NW Edmonton AB T5P 0M1 Canada

Psychologist | Physiotherapy Center | Massage therapist | Nutritionist

Revive Wellness Inc

3728 91 St NW Edmonton AB T6E 5M3 Canada


Allison Easton Registered Dietitian

10069 80 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 1T4 Canada



14101 West Block Dr NW Suite 205 Edmonton AB T5N 1L5 Canada


Nourished by Bri

4319 38a Ave NW Edmonton AB T6L 6Z5 Canada


The Nourish Collective

10069 80 Ave NW Edmonton AB T6E 1T4 Canada


Holistic Nutrition 4U

12312 St Albert Trail NW Edmonton AB T5L 4G6 Canada


Wholehearted Nutrition

9816 112 St NW Edmonton AB T5K 1L5 Canada


everyday nutrition

11717 42 St NW Edmonton AB T5W 4V8 Canada


Pure & Simple Nutritional Consulting

6537 111 St NW Edmonton AB T6H 4R5 Canada


Registered Dietitian Loblaws Edmonton

12060 104 Ave NW #101 Edmonton AB T5K 0T3 Canada


In Good Nutrition

10350 124 St Edmonton AB T5N 3V9 Canada


Simplify Nutrition

192 Gariepy Cres Edmonton AB T6M 1A2 Canada



2021 Edmonton Main Edmonton AB T5J 2P4 Canada



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